Oxi Mission
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The Design

Integrated Development Cycle

The OXI organization is able to manage the various development phases in a coordinated manner, offering specific structures for each phase.

The Technical Department coordinates all the design activities, both in the case of “turnkey projects” and in the case of “co-location”.

The product team leaders guarantee a constant supervision of the projects in compliance with the most advanced quality/technician standards.

oxi virtual analysis
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The organization dedicated to calculations allows us to anticipate, in the perspective of predictive Engineering, a good part of the results, normally found on the series details, in terms of performance.

Development tool complementary to rapid prototyping eliminates the risk of heavy changes to the final product, thus guaranteeing compliance with the Time to Market and the life cycle of mass production equipment.

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The prototypes are made using the most modern technologies, such as the sintering of polyamide powders, stereolithography and the deposition of ABS wire (FDM), but also in a traditional way and using CNC milling machines.

The replicas of the prototypes, the pre-series and mini series in temporary material, are made using stratification technologies, low pressure molding (RIM), vacuum casting in silicone molds.

oxi rapid prototyping
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Our Services

  • Style feasibility
  • Technical/technological feasibility analysis
  • Lay-out / Packaging
  • 3D Design
  • 2D Design
  • Reverse engineering
  • Value Engineering
  • Product costs reduction analysis
  • Technical documentation for patents
  • Structural analysis
  • Prototypes
  • IMES – Industrial Manufacturing Engineering Support
  • Sales & Marketing services
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Automotive Core Competencies

Central console
Mobiletti Tunnel
Interior trims
Componenti Abitacolo
Air vents
Diffusori Aria
Door panels
Pannelli Porta
Exterior Trims
Finizioni Esterne
Exterior Mirrors
Specchi Esterni
Engine Thermal systems
Raffreddamento Motore
Fuel systems
Sistemi Carburante
Soft Trims
Isolamento Abitacolo
Vehicle Packaging
Packaging Veicolo
Window controls
Comandi Alzacristalli
Dome lights
Electronic keys
Chiavi Elettroniche
Clima controls
Comandi Climatizzazione
Infotainment installation
Installazione Infotainment
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